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We are driven by the need to make a difference, to provide solutions that will change lives, transform our food systems and ultimately change the world for the better. We believe that farmers play a crucial role to the survival of our societies, so we want to equip them with the right tools and empower them to continue to fulfil their role effectively and efficiently. Our solutions are there to empower and educate farmers.

We offer technology enabled applications that keep you informed, by providing timely, accurate and actionable insights. Ultimately our solutions enable farmers to increase yields, be more profitable & efficient, in a safer & more environmentally friendly manner.

Unlocking the secrets of Livestock

Precision livestock farming allows you to monitor your animals at herd and individual level. Receive timely, accurate and actionable insights, so you can make the right decisions & take targeted action.

Our Services

Our solutions are meant to simplify cattle management, helping you to optimize resources & increase productivity.



Track and Monitor the well being of your cattle.



Manage and Improve the quality of your grazing land.


Advanced Analytics

We also offer consulting services on advanced analytics including machine learning, data and text mining, predictive analytics, data visualisation and big data analytics.

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